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Keeping it All Together With High Quality Copper, Iron, Brass and PEX Fittings, Nipples and Valves

Wieland | Kessler Fittings & Valves products cover a wide range of fittings and valves in a coherent line of goods that make consolidation or purchasing easy for customers of any size. Our products include:

  • Copper Fittings
  • Malleable Iron Fittings and Steel Welded Nipples
  • Brass Fittings and Nipples
  • Pex Fittings
  • Valves

Whether you’re combining all of these into a single order, or purchasing items on a standalone basis, Wieland | Kessler provides a complete a range of products that make it practical and efficient for you to work with us. Our goal is to always fulfill your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Competitively Priced: Made in the USA or Imported

At Wieland | Kessler, we never compromise on quality for either our domestic or globally sourced lines. Failure of products is simply not an option – and neither are overpriced products.

Because of this, Wieland | Kessler is a superior choice for all your fittings and valve needs, whether USA-made or imported. We understand that customer service, ship time and fulfillment rates are the key drivers in your choice to find the most competitively priced products. At Wieland | Kessler, we strive to satisfy your needs daily, offering consistency and superiority in every product we sell.

Covering the Bases: Residential Construction, HVAC, Commercial and Industrial

The applications for Wieland | Kessler Fittings & Valves range from traditional residential construction products, HVAC and refrigeration applications to light commercial, industrial, process piping and OEM fabrication assemblies.

LEED Compliant – Recyclable Fittings and Valves

Copper and brass, which represent a large portion of the Wieland | Kessler Fittings & Valves line, are both highly recyclable materials. Recovery and reuse of these materials is well into the high 80% range, making valves and copper and brass fittings very desirable environmentally. Because our fittings and valves are produced from a high percentage of recycled products, they are excellent for use in the construction of LEED-compliant building projects.

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